Product Engineering

"Ideas are worth nothing; execution is worth everything." Chances are, you’ve heard this before. Well, even though there’s a nugget of truth to it, it completely devalues the inherent power of ideas. We prefer to put it another way: "It starts with an idea and moves forward with excellent execution."

We kick things off by taking the time to deeply and thoroughly understand your concept. Next, we plan, design, and implement an MVP of the product so that early adopters can fall in love with it. We then iterate on new features and test them with real users, which is crucial to achieving the best market fit for the product.

Startup Engineering

Team Augmentation

Even the best in-house team will occasionally be lacking in specific competencies. The cost of hiring new people and the time required to do it right should not be something that slows down the momentum of a project. When situations like this arise, team augmentation is the perfect solution.

Your primary responsibility will be managing the extension team, while our developers’ well-being, benefits, and all additional paperwork remain on us.

Team augmentation

Project Rescue

Imagine this for a moment: You have already missed three deadlines, the freelancers you hired reply only once a week, and the project is starting to run around. Sound painfully familiar? If so, we have a solution. To make things fast and seamless, we can skip the paperwork and jump right into the project to sort things out before the next crucial release. As soon as everything is under control, we can discuss further steps for continuing cooperation.

Project rescure


Front-end web development

React is a leading front-end framework created by Facebook with a rapidly growing community around the world. Our team fell in love with React from the first line of code. The Redux state management makes it the perfect technology for building complex, dynamic, and data-driven interfaces.

frontend development

Back-end web development

Our expertise includes microservices, monolithic backend, or serverless architectures. Our developers leverage Ruby on Rails and Phoenix Elixir as frameworks, as well as Python for our scripting language. AWS is our infrastructure choice for our client's products, thanks to its incredible scalability and abundance of services.

backend development

Mobile app development

Our stack includes Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android, and React Native for both of them. We select the best possible approach to develop your mobile application based upon your unique business goals. React Native is particularly useful for building a quick MVP to validate your idea on both platforms.

mobile development

UX/UI Design

Design is how it works. Great design is how users interact with it. Before a single line of code is written, we make sure the product solves the given problem and looks beautiful at the same time. The full design cycle process starts with low-fidelity mockups and concludes with high-fidelity clickable prototypes.

ui ux design

Our tech stack includes

react native swift react docker aws python phoenix